The American Way

The American Way

Status: Completed
Author: John Ridley
The 1960s were a decade of incredible change for America--stepping out of a time of innocence, a time of optimism, a time of heroes. Back in the '40s, the United States government hatched a plan to create the Civil Defense Corps: a group of ""super-heroes"" who could fight alien invasions, evil super-powered beings, and communism, all in front of an adoring public, courtesy of television. But that dream was far from reality by the '60s, as new C.D.C. Marketing Director Wesley Catham is about to discover. How far will America go to protect its dream of a better tomorrow?Critically acclaimed novelist and screenwriter John Ridley and artist Georges Jeanty offer a unique vision of U.S. history in THE AMERICAN WAY.
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#Issue TitleDownloadUpdated
1Issue #1 17.6MB4 years ago
2Issue #2 8.8MB4 years ago
3Issue #3 13.1MB4 years ago
4Issue #4 9.2MB4 years ago
5Issue #5 8.5MB4 years ago
6Issue #6 8.5MB4 years ago
7Issue #7 12.9MB4 years ago
8Issue #8 17.9MB4 years ago

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