Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds

Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds

Status: Completed
Genre: Action
Author: Paul Allor
“Samurai Jack 2.0”! Under the leadership of the benevolent Samurai Jack, society has prospered. Everything is in line with his philosophies, his storied stoicism, and of course his hair. Of course, this is all news to Jack who doesn’t much care for this impostor using his name. But which one is the real Samurai Jack?
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#Issue TitleDownloadUpdated
1Issue # _TPB 29.6MB2 years ago
2Issue #1 22.8MB3 years ago
3Issue #2 20.2MB3 years ago
4Issue #3 18.8MB3 years ago
5Issue #4 10.8MB2 years ago

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