Red Menace

Red Menace

Status: Completed
Los Angeles, 1953: Home to bent cops, smooth criminals, and curvaceous starlets; where the glamour and wealth of Hollywood and Beverly Hills collide with the crime and grit of Chinatown. Amidst this startling contrast, American ideals are under siege by Joseph McCarthy and the H.U.A.C. trials, rooting out communist threats where ever they may lie - even in the ranks of the super heroic! Can there be any doubt about the loyalties of L.A.'s greatest and most patriotic hero, the Eagle? America is about to find out the hard way!
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#Issue TitleDownloadUpdated
1Issue #1 15MB5 years ago
2Issue #2 12MB5 years ago
3Issue #3 13.5MB5 years ago
4Issue #4 14.2MB5 years ago
5Issue #5 14.1MB5 years ago
6Issue #6 13.9MB5 years ago

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