Jackie Chan Adventures

Jackie Chan Adventures

Status: Completed
Author: Various
Artis: Various
Jackie Chan never has a dull moment. After finding a rare ancient talisman with unknown powers, he is recruited by an old friend into Section 13, a secret government agency. Jackie's mission: to travel around the world and capture the 12 magical talismans of the Chinese zodiac and keep them from the criminal group, The Dark Hand. In his spare time, Jackie must keep his young niece Jade out of trouble, but that's a full-time job in itself! Good thing Jackie, Jade and Uncle don't mind kicking a little butt to stay one step ahead of danger! Includes the episodes, 'The Dark Hand' and 'The Power Within.'
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1Issue # TPB 1 48.1MBone month ago
2Issue # TPB 2 48.8MBone month ago
3Issue # TPB 3 50.4MBone month ago

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