Homicide:  Tears of the Dead

Homicide: Tears of the Dead

Status: Completed
After seeing Evil Ernie wanted the total annihlation of all things on Earth and not to spread the gift of the Dead Mind, Rick Young left his position of Ernie's general to pursue his own interest. He infiltrates the small town of Salvation to convince his former love interest to join him in the Dead Mind (a connection shared between all Undead). As he does so, the image of his now past life is crafted, giving vaguely prophetic but beautiful poetry he wrote while not knowing what the future hold, showing his connection with this girl that is his last desire in the insane world of Evil Ernie. Ultimately, she refuses his offer, not wanting to be a freak, and shoots herself in the head to avoid reanimation. She dies in Rick's arms, and he vows to bring her back "the only way I know how."
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