Heartthrob Season Two
Heartthrob Season Two

Heartthrob Season Two

Status: Completed
There must be 50 ways to leave your lover, but none of them include robbing a Fleetwood Mac concert and escaping to Canada with a getaway driver and a group of anarchists. Putting Mercer and her life of crime in the rearview, Callie tries her damnedest to live a normal life, hide out from the FBI and make sense of Canadian currency. As her friends continue pulling crimes and Callie dips her toe back in the dating waters, she’ll find out when you share your heart with someone, breaking up is way harder to do.
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#Issue TitleDownloadUpdated
1Issue #1 11.3MBone year ago
2Issue #2 10.5MBone year ago
3Issue #3 10.5MB11 months ago
4Issue #4 11.8MB9 months ago
5Issue #5 11.4MB8 months ago