Eternals (1985)
Eternals (1985)

Eternals (1985)

Status: Completed
Years have passed since the return and judgment of the Celestials. However, only a handful of mortals remember the ordeal with the space gods. One man tries to reveal the truth but no one believes him. Meanwhile, the Eternals, immortal heroes of myth and legend, trying living amongst their mortal cousins and waiting for the return of the Celestials. However, the dark spawn known as the Deviants plot and scheme from the shadows. Can it be long before these demonic monsters strike out against their hated enemies?
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1Issue #1 11.6MB4 months ago
2Issue #2 7.3MB4 months ago
3Issue #3 7.5MB4 months ago
4Issue #4 7.3MB4 months ago
5Issue #5 6.9MB4 months ago
6Issue #6 7.1MB4 months ago
7Issue #7 7.8MB4 months ago
8Issue #8 8MB4 months ago
9Issue #9 7MB4 months ago
10Issue #10 7.3MB4 months ago
11Issue #11 7.3MB4 months ago
12Issue #12 12.6MB4 months ago