DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out

DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out

Status: Completed
Author: Shea Fontana
Meet Super Hero High’s newest student… Jessica Cruz! Being the new kid is tough, but life gets a whole lot tougher for Jessica when she learns that she must travel through space to be sworn in as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Can she overcome her fears with the help of her classmates/travel buddies Supergirl, Big Barda, and Star Sapphire? Meanwhile, Wonder Woman agrees to dog sit Krypto while Supergirl is away!
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List DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out's chaps

#Issue TitleDownloadUpdated
1Issue #1 7MB5 years ago
2Issue #2 7MB5 years ago
3Issue #3 7.4MB5 years ago
4Issue #4 8.3MB5 years ago
5Issue #5 7.9MB5 years ago
6Issue #6 7.4MB5 years ago
7Issue #7 8.2MB5 years ago
8Issue #8 7.8MB5 years ago
9Issue #9 8.8MB5 years ago
10Issue #10 8MB4 years ago
11Issue #11 8.2MB4 years ago
12Issue #12 7.7MB4 years ago
13Issue #13 8.7MB3 years ago

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