Claw  The Unconquered

Claw The Unconquered

Status: Completed
Genre: Fantasy
Artis: Ernie Chan
David Michelinie's pen and Ernie Chan's pencils and inks provided the magic for this fantasy series that introduced Claw the Unconquered, a barbaric outlander with a deformed claw-like right hand. The appendage, often covered in a crimson gauntlet, had been afflicted by a generations old curse - that Claw roamed the lands of Pytharia to end. Of course, that meant doing away with evildoers and despots in the process, including the ruler who murdered Claw's father, Prince Occulas of the Yellow Eye. Claw the Unconquered bravely made a total of 12 issues before it could not stave off the hand of cancellation.
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#Issue TitleDownloadUpdated
1Issue #1 23.8MBone year ago
2Issue #2 11.6MBone year ago
3Issue #3 13.5MBone year ago
4Issue #4 13.6MBone year ago
5Issue #5 5.1MBone year ago
6Issue #6 5.2MBone year ago
7Issue #7 13.3MBone year ago
8Issue #8 13MBone year ago
9Issue #9 13.3MBone year ago
10Issue #10 13.8MBone year ago
11Issue #11 17.2MBone year ago
12Issue #12 10.8MBone year ago