Camp Candy
Camp Candy

Camp Candy

Status: Completed
Genre: Drama
Comic book based on the animated series in which you can join John Candy, the head counselor at good ol’ Camp Candy, where he teaches all his campers to love camping and everything about it. In this issue, the rich and mean Rex DeForrest the Third and his bank says that Camp Candy is in debt for $5,000. Candy can’t pay, so what is he going to do? After hearing about the legend of Headless Harry and the lost gold, Candy and the campers decide to hunt for that gold to pay the camp’s debt in “The Return of Headless Harry.” Issue also has “The Owimpic Kid” in which Iggy has trouble passing the test which will get him his badge for physical fitness. So Candy and the campers try to help.
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1Issue #1 32.4MBone year ago
2Issue #2 19.4MBone year ago
3Issue #3 25.1MBone year ago
4Issue #4 18.7MBone year ago
5Issue #5 18MBone year ago
6Issue #6 18.1MBone year ago