Angry Birds Transformers

Angry Birds Transformers

Status: Completed
Author: John Barber
You got TRANSFORMERS in my Angry Birds! No, you got Angry Birds in my TRANSFORMERS! ERGH, OOF, MPPHH!!! Hey! Waitaminit! This is actually pretty great! That's right, comic lovers, two of your favorite IDW comics have morphed into one amazing new comic! When the TRANSFORMERS lose their powerful ALLSPARK, it ends up on Piggie Island and the world of Angry Birds turns robotic! Prepare to meet... the AUTOBIRDS and DECEPTIHOGS!
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#Issue TitleDownloadUpdated
1Issue #1 31.4MB3 years ago
2Issue #2 34.2MB3 years ago
3Issue #3 36.2MB3 years ago
4Issue #4 46.1MB3 years ago

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